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Everything’s in position for efficiently using solar energy. Sunny Home Manager offers a seamless plant monitoring, smart energy management and an integrated energy management solution, the SMA Smart Home. PV plant operators will always have an overview of all energy flows in the home. Using the individualized recommended actions, they can make decisions about when to use their solar power best. Using the SMA radio-controlled sockets, controllable loads such as washing machines can be activated automatically, if necessary. Thus, the Sunny Home Manager increases the self-consumption which is an important factor in Germany. *

The latest Sunny Home Manager software version 1.03, which is now available, facilitates the limitation of active power fed into the power distribution grid to any percentage between 10 percent and 100 percent of the installed PV array power. The Sunny Home Manager prevents yield losses as a result of unnecessarily strong limiting of the PV production by taking the current self-consumption of the household into account. The new Sunny Home Manager therefore fulfills the requirements of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) regarding the so-called "active power feed-in limitation" or "70 percent rule".

*At the moment, the full functional range cannot be used in all countries. 

With the Sunny Home Manager, you can conveniently and seamlessly monitor every PV plant in a residential system. Once the plant has easily been commissioned using the plant setup assistant, Sunny Portal provides a reliable, user-friendly visualization of the system’s basic features..

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This analysis page displays the energy balance for the desired time period and facilitates a variety of generation, consumption, and self-consumption analyses.

Essentially, you are handling energy management by the minute and the Sunny Home Manager’s recommended actions are the main component in making this happen. They are derived from the home’s load profile and calculated based on the local PV generation forecast.

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The status screen shows current power data as an animated, real-time graph and as numerical values.

The view displays the weather forecast and the corresponding PV generation forecast for the coming hours. In addition to an automatically generated timetable for controlled appliances, the Sunny Home Manager also provides visual prompts to encourage and increase self-consumption.

SMA radio-controlled sockets can be combined with the Sunny Home Manager to offer additional functionality allowing individual loads in the home to be automatically activated. Based on the recommended actions the Sunny Home Manager remotely turn household appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers on and off using the SMA radio-controlled sockets. Through the process, you can increase your self-consumption and monitor the load profiles of various appliances, helping you to single out any electricity guzzlers.

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The energy balance indicates the overall time, duration, and load level of the various remotely controlled appliances.

The Sunny Home Manager is the control center for the SMA Smart Home, our integrated energy management solution. The various system elements Sunny Home Manager, Sunny Portal, the SMA radio-controlled sockets, the Sunny Island storage system, and of course the SMA inverter are ideally matched.

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