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Q CELLS solarni moduli vrhunske kvalitete - EU proizvodnja

Q CELLS paneli POLY 10KW

tHe neW Q-CellS GeneRatiOn

• Anti PID Technology (APT)1: No power loss caused by potential induced degradation.

• Traceable Quality (Tra.QTM): First trace- able and forgery proof solar module on the market.

  • New cell concept with reduced serial resis- tance: Increased power on module level.

  • VDE Quality Tested with continuous aging tests: Long-term secure quality.

tHe PROVen Q-CellS ValueS

• Hot-Spot Protect (HSP): Increased fire and performance safety.

• Positive sorting +5 / -0 W: Extra output.
• Tested for wind / snow loads up to 5400 Pa:

Strong in every weather condition.

• 25-year performance warranty, 10-year product warranty2: Secure investment. 

CIJENA 23.900,00 kn