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YINLONG LTO Lithium Titanate baterije

YINLONG LTO Lithium Titanate baterije

The new Lithium Titanate technology 

The technology is here: Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12, referred to as LTO in the battery industry) is a promising technology for all kinds of battery applications that require high rate capability and long cycle life.

Safety, stability: LTO offers advantages in terms of power and chemical stability. The LTO based batteries have lower voltage: between 1.9V and 2.5V. Nevertheless, the lower operating voltage brings significant advantages in terms of safety.

Fast charge and discharge: Further, these batteries can be charged fast. Data shows that these batteries can be safely charged at rates higher than 5C. This means the battery can be charged in less than 10 minutes.

Wide operating temperatures, high efficiency: The LTO based batteries also have a wider operating temperature range and a recharge efficiency exceeding 98%. 

Low temperature performance: LTO based batteries provide much better low temperature performance compared to carbon based batteries. 

Extreme durable life-cycle: The large cycle life and high rate capability of LTO based batteries also brings unique advantages in applications where maximal cycle life is required.

The advantages of the LTO cells

  • professionally produced LTO (lithium titanate oxide) cells
  • stability during high current discharge – support up to 15C continually, 20C peak discharge
  • support for high speed charging – up to 6C charging currents
  • the discharge with long linear voltage level (2.60V to 2.30V)
  • pouch design of the cell for easy integration
  • minimal overheating or heat release during operation


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