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sma ev-charger-7.4 (evc7.4-1ac-10)

SMA EV Charger allows PV system operators to charge their electric vehicles intelligently and sustainably. This is because charging electric vehicles with solar power keeps grid purchase costs to a minimum.


Whether your system is brand-new or has been in operation for some time, SMA EV Charger is highly flexible and compatible with all standard electric vehicles thanks to its permanently attached type 2 charging cable. Thanks to the SMA Energy System Home, users receive solutions from a single source.

  • Compatible with all standard electric vehicles
  • Integration into new and existing PV systems
  • Everything from a single source

Fast and easy to use

It can be easily operated using a rotary switch directly on the device or from the SMA Energy app on your smartphone. The boost function charges at almost twice the speed of a conventional charging station. Even small solar capacities can be utilized to the maximum early in the morning and evening thanks to the automatic switchover from single- and three-phase charge modes.

  • Charging with up to 22 kW
  • Boost function for grid-compatible, single-phase charging with up to 7.4 kW
  • Control and visualization via your smartphone using the SMA Energy app
SMA EV Charger 7.4 / 22 with Smart Connected | SMA Solar
Single-phase AC charging station for fast and PV- optimized charging of
electric vehicles in combination with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0.
Configuration of charging power from 1.3 to 7.4 kW, blackout protection,
boost function, type 2 plug, incl. 5m charging cable, integrated 6mA DC
residual current protection, rotary switch, LED status display,
Ethernet/WLAN, SMA Smart Connected
SMA EV Charger: your questions, our answers - Sunny. SMA Corporate Blog %

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