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Solarni kabel 6mm PV 1000m kolut

Solarni kabel 6mm PV 1000m kolut

complying with VDE and TUV norm, photovoltaic solar cable for connecting PV panels, strings, inverters, charge controllers or batteries. Dedicated for all PV solar systems, and outdoor/indoor conditions. High resistant to atmospheric conditions as UV radiation and abrasion. 

Key advantages

  • UV resistant dedicated for professional PV solar systems
  • highly resistant to atmospheric conditions, radiation and abrasion
  • wide operating temperature range for extreme weather conditions
  • the cable has a superior flexibility for use in high mechanical load
  • compliant with the RoHS directive and REACH regulation
  • halogen-free, does not generate corrosive or toxic gases, if burned
  • highly flame-resistant and low smoke emissions
  • longer life expectancy, guaranteed for 25 years.

CIJENA 8.500,00 kn