Kostal PIKO 10.1 trofazni invert. 3xMPPT: Solar Shop


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Inverter - PIKO 10.1

  • Three-phase feed-in; Transformerless topology
  • Extension of the input current range possible
  • With or without arc detection
  • Three independent MPP trackers (PIKO 10.1)
  • Integrated circuit contact for self-consumption control
  • Integrated electronic DC circuit breaker
  • Integrated data logger and web server for system monitoring
  • Various communication interfaces included as standard:
    Ethernet, RS485, S0, 4 x analogue inputs
  • Graphic display with 3-button control

Technical data - PIKO 10.1

Input side (DC)
Number of DC inputs / number of MPP trackers3 / 3
Max. input voltage (open circuit voltage)UDCmax950 V
Min. DC input voltageUDCmin180 V
Start-up DC input voltageUDCstart180 V
Rated DC input voltageUDC,r680 V
Max. MPP voltageUMPPmax850 V
Min. MPP voltage in single-tracker operationUMPPminnot recommended
Min. MPP voltage in two-tracker or parallel operationUMPPmin420 V
Max. DC input currentIDCmax12,5 A
Max. DC input current with parallel connectionIDCmax,p25 A
Output side (AC)
Number of feed-in phases3
AC grid voltageUAC,r3/N/PE, AC, 230 V / 400 V
Max. AC output currentIAcmax14,5 A
Short-circuit currentIsc21 A
Rated AC output (cos? = 1)PAC,r10.000 W
Max. AC apparent power (cos?, adj)SAC10.000 VA
Power factor cos?ACr0,9 capacitive ... 1 ... 0,9 inductive
Max. efficiency?max97,0 %
European-standard efficiency?EU96,4 %
Rated frequencyfr50 Hz
Efficiency rate characteristic curves

CIJENA 11.900,00 kn