Hybrid mrežni pretvarač 3000W punjač25A: Solar Shop


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Hybrid smart pretvarač najnovije generacije za potpuno neovisan električni sustav ON GRID ili OFF GRID


Hybrid Sole 3KW Off-Grid Inverter

Hybrid SoleVertex Solar inverter is an off grid PV inverter which consists of three power generation sources such as PV modules, battery power, and AC power sources. The AC power source could be generator or utility grid. It utilizes either unlimited sun power or self-generated AC source to convert stable power for house and commercial applications. It’s perfect choice for long-term power backup request in unstable power area and remote village.

Vertex 2KW/3KW Off-Grid Inverter
Vertex 2KW/3KW Off-Grid Inverter

Product diagram

Main Features
  • DSP plus microprocessor redundant controller guarantee highest reliability
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Multiple power sources: Solar power, AC main, 48V DC battery
  • Built-in MPPT tracker
  • Isolation design between inverter and battery for safety guarantee
  • Smart LCD display electricity generated, recorded up to 15 years
  • Provides multiple communication ports for remote monitoring with software
  • Standard RS-232/USB ports and optional Modbus, SNMP, GPRS communication, and AS400 dry contact are available
  • User-adjustable charging current up to 25A
  • High efficiency: Solar panel to AC output peak efficiency 95.5%
  • High efficiency: Battery to AC output peak efficiency 92%
  • Option: On-Grid

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