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Solarni panel HANERSUN 410W Half-cell mono

HANERSUN 410W Half-cell

Hanersun HItouch 5 series adopts 182mm PERC solar cell, combined with multi-busbar, half-cell technology, and high-density cell interconnect technology, increasing the module efficiency up to 21.3% and the maximum power output to 550W.
Compared with larger format, HItouch 5 has stronger compatibility for existing solar system design, packaging and logistics methods. At the same time, lower current loss and low risk of hot spots further improve its reliability.
Hanersun Technology | Hitouch5 CP18-54H 390-410W | Solar Panel Datasheet |  ENF Panel Directory
Hanersun is a worldwide professional solar module manufacturer and comprehensive energy solution
provider. We provide the customers with cutting edge solar modules, and comprehensive services for the entire project life cycle. As of the end of 2022, Hanersun has cumulatively delivered over 11GW solar modules to thousands of customers in more than 50 countries, and has developed and built 600MW of solar projects in Asia Pacific. Our branches have been set up in Europe, the US, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Pakistan to provide seamless services for local customers.
Hanersun also focuses on improving the automation and intelligence level of core module manufacturing process, and is committed to building a new tier 1 module intelligent factory with energy saving, high efficiency and full automation.

The factory has realized 24-hour real-time monitoring and early warning of abnormal accident under the support of precise hardware and advanced software system, which make sure all the 27 production processes from raw material inspection to packing are all monitored online and saved for problem tracing.

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