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Sole UNI GS3000-24V 3000W čisti sinus

Sole UNI GS3000-24V 3000W čisti sinus

Inverter pure sine wave Voltronic Power Axpert GS 2K-24 / 230V

Series Axpert GS of Voltronic Power consists of durable, robust and reliable inverter pure sine with compact dimensions. They are high and stable performance, excellent resistance to overcharge, digital regulation and control microprocessor also fully internal protection and can be used in all appliances.
Technical Data:
Power: 2000VA / 1600W
Input voltage: 24 V DC
Output voltage: 230 V AC
Peak power: 4000 VA
Efficiency: 95%
Dimensions: 82 x 232 x 369 mm

ŠIFRA GS3000-24
CIJENA 3.750,00 kn (5.550,00 kn)
-32 %