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Dual regulator

DUAL za plovila i kamp kućice

Dual battery solar controller for RVs, Motorhomes, Caravans, and Boats etc

Suitable for 12v and 24v and up to 20A. 200 watts of solar when connected to a 12v battery system and 400w of solar panels when connected to a 24v battery system. For smaller solar panels please see 10A version.
Our Duo Solar Charger will charge 2 separate and isolated battery banks simultaneously. This eliminates the added cost needed for two separate controllers and panels for instance if you wanted to charge both the leisure battery and engine starter battery in a motorhome.
Features : 
Microcontroller digital accuracy
PWM Charge mode
State of charge (SOC)
Temperature compensation
Automatic detection of the voltage
External temperature sensor
Battery type setting (sealed, flooded and gel)
Battery AH setting
Charging priority setting (select how much power percentage each battery bank is given, once one battery is full all power is diverted to the bank still requiring charge)
Modify parameters through four keys
Remote temperature sensor (option)
Remote LCD display (option)
Max Solar Voltage: 30v (12v system) 55v (24v system)
Battery voltage range 8-15v  / 16-30v (12v/24v)
Terminal size: 4mm
Operating temp: -35 to +55 centegrade
Dimensions: 150mm x 75mm x 30mm
Weight: 260g

CIJENA 555,00 kn