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DAH Solar 455W Solarni Paneli Half cell

DAH Solar 455W Solarni Paneli Half cell

  • Increase power generation by 6-15%+ Panel is capable to decrease power generation loss caused by Dust, reduce the hot spot risk. 
  • Curved Surface 128° R Angle Reduce holding pressure by 75%+ Curved Frame with ergonomic Design, optimized Delivery and Installation Experience. 
  • Revolutionary Assembling Technology Using excellent frame assembling technology, Strong Adhesion, Durable in Use. 
  • Excellent mechanical load capacity Certified by Dust-Sand, Salt-Mist, Ammonia etc. weather resistance tests and enhanced mechanical load: wind load (2400 Pa) and snow load (5400 Pa).

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CIJENA 1.111,50 kn (2.470,00 kn)
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