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PV modules POLY



40ft cont CIF/price
0,225Euro/W for delivery 15.Aug 5 containers 1.25mW
0,245Euro/W for 2,5mW 280W poly modules on stock in Zagreb
min 100kW CIF Zagreb-Croatia 0,26Euro/W
min 30kW CIF Zagreb-Croatia 0,28Euro/W
email and info on prodaja@solarni-paneli.hr or info@solar-webshop.eu
Amerisolar Sole is the leading PV modules manufacturing company in the world. The huge range of modules includes the poly Sole serie.Sole-Amerisolar leading manufacturer

Sole photovoltaic modules are made with 60 or 72 polycrystalline photovoltaic cells with 4 bus bars and power ranges available between 275 and 290 Wp and 72 cells between 325-375W 

This new generation of modules adopts a new technology to improve efficiency and provides a better and more uniform aesthetic appearance, making them perfect even for residential installation with roof-visible roofs.

The best anti-PID module in the world

The new generation of Eagle modules is the first in the world to be certified anti-PID in extreme temperatures of 60 ° C and 85% relative humidity.This module sets a new standard for reliability and performance for all applications, especially for installations in regions with high temperatures and humidity.The Eagle modules are also excellent in low-radiation performance thanks to optimized cell design.They can also be installed in any environment, even the most difficult, given the certifications issued by the TUV NORD both for saline and ammonia enviroment.Of course, the guarantee reflects the quality: 10 year warranty on the product and 25 years for linear power guarantee.Amerisolar-Sole modules in prompt delivery at SolarShopThe poly Amerisolar Solar modules, Sole serie, specialized energy systems distributor from 1999.SolarShop offers the best products together with high value services to the European resellers.

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