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Električna zaštitna ograda

Električna zaštitna ograda SOLE SL-2008-SC

1.System adopts the advanced perimeter security guard theory"to prevent primarily, to alarm auxiliary", integrate deterrent, prevention, alarm and security as a whole.
2.Deter: pulse voltage electric fence brings intruder great psychology barrier
3,Prevention: physical, electrical perimeter electric fence resist invade effectively.
4,Alam: intruder break in forcedly, the system will send out two alarm modes: short circuit and break.
5,Extremely low false alarm rate, advanced alarm principle, overcome the technical flaw in infrared ,microwave, the electrostatic induction ,all insulators of perimeter fence are waterproof design, enlarge crawling electricity distance, guarantee it is not affected by the environment, climate and terrain when alarm.
6,Without blind spot, without dead angle, perimeter electric fence may erect along with the terrain fluctuation, it may install on the main entrance and the corner
7. Security is reliable,the system adopts the high voltage,low energy design ideas, without any harm to human body
8. High/ low voltage switch, use it freely, low voltage in day time, high voltage at night.
9. Unique BI-polar technology, makes every strands have electric shock, intruder hard to break in.
10. LCD display function, directly show the voltage in the panel, user gets it clearly
11. 5 LED indicated lamp, display the working mode clearly.
12. Equipped with 4AH backup battery, convenient management.
13. Constant open/close, DC12V, RS 485 conjunct function when alarm
14. User can set alarm delayed triggered time freely.
15. Tamper function, when detector suffers from abnormal dismantle or destroy, will send out alarm signals in time.
16. Long distance controlled by keypad or computer through RS 485 wire and real time monitor the state of fence controller.
17,Lightning protection circuit can reduce the destroy to detector after suffer from lightning strike
18.,Conform to GB/T 7946-2008 requirement«pulse electric fence installation and safe operation» and meet CEI-61011 international electric fence standard.
19.Multi-system solution, convenient management
Technical parameter :
High voltage pulse :5000-10000V    
Low voltage pulse:700-1000V
Pulse period :?1S     
Duration of pulse surpassing 300mA<1.5ms
Pulse duration ?0.1s       
Peak current of pulse ?10A
Max quantity of electricity of pulse ?2.5mc 
Max energy of pulse ?5J
System power consumption :15W

CIJENA 4.550,00 kn