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Our OPzV batteries are characterized by their long life, increased durability under cyclic use conditions as well as for their low maintenance requirements, providing you a cost effective energy solution. 

Their optimum design, according to DIN international standards, their robust construction and the state of the art manufacturing process, make OPzV batteries an ideal solution for high demanding applications such as renewable energy and telecom systems.

  •  ?elecom systems
  •  Monitoring and control systems at power plants and energy stations
  •  Signaling systems at railway stations, airports and seaports
  •  Emergency lighting systems
  •  Data processing systems
  •  Uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS)
  •  Renewable energy systems (solar, wind and hydro-electric)
  •  Automation systems
Quality Features & Product Benefits 

  •  Capacities exceed the nominal values of international DIN standards
  •  Long design life (18 years at 20oC)
  •  Exceptional behaviour at deep discharge and cyclic applications
  •  High energy performance and reliability
  •  Enhanced safety level
  •  Maintenance free (require no addition of water or electrolyte)
  •  Minimum total cost of ownership and use
  •  Maximum compatibility
  •  Capability to be mounted in any position (vertically and horizontally, except inverse) 
  •  Recyclable
Technical Features

  •  Capacity range: 200–3000?h
  •  Available at 2V cells
  •  According to DIN 40742, IEC 60896 21 & 22 & EN 50272–2 standards
  •  Tubular positive plate made of Lead, Calcium and Tin
  •  Negative plate made from Lead, Calcium and Tin
  •  Gel electrolyte
  •  Plastic case made from polymer plastic ABS
  •  Specially designed terminals
Added Value Services 

  •  Optimum solution design
  •  Installation
  •  Maintenance contracts
  •  Technical support
  •  Recycling
  •  Training



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