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Marine Agregat 9KW KIPOR Heavy duty

Marine Agregat 9KW KIPOR Heavy duty

Marine Agregat 9KW KIPOR Heavy duty
  • ModelKDE9000M
  • Rated frequency(Hz)50 60
  • Rated output(kVA)5.5 6.5
  • Max.output(kVA)6 7
  • Rated voltage(V)115/230 120/240
  • Rated current(A)47.8/23.9 56.5/28.3
  • Dimension (mm)990×620×670
  • Net weight(kg)500
The simple and compact design makes it can be installed on any place in a ship. Unique design of the enclosed sound reproduction hood lowers the noise and makes the maintenance and installation easier.
The highly effective fresh water and sea water cooling system ensures the temperature inside the sound-proof housing and the cooling effect of generators, which makes them to work better in the tough environment.
The AVR has low speed protection and electronic interference proof functions, automatically adjusts the voltage and controls the voltage fluctuation.
Provide complete service of centralized control system to solve power issues, such as digital control panels, automatic fuel adding system and so on.

CIJENA 55.500,00 kn