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Dizalica topline Fujiair 15KW+Hydrobox

Dizalica topline Fujiair 15KW+Hydrobox

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Dizalica topline Fuji air 15KW+Hydrobox

Split Type Air Source Heat Pump Dc Inverter Heating And Cooling With CE


Air source heat pump with DC inverter is a high-tech product which becomes more and more popular worldwide.It is the future of heat pump industry, because the frequency of compressor and speed of fan are automatically adjustable according to the heat need of house; the heating capacity is more flexible than ON/OFF type heat pump, and the quality is more reliable.


 1. Advanced DC inverter technology to create maximum energy savings with higher SCOP.

2. High efficiency COP up to 4.5, higher water temperature output up to 55 degree.

3. 5 modes for option,selected through simple click on LCD:

  a.single hot water;         b.single heating;          c.single cooling water+cooling water+heating

4. Friendly interface touch screen LCD control panel.

5. Sophisticated control logic can intelligently satisfy various application demands.

6. Holiday and sleep modes available to improve energy savings and sleeping quality.

7. Equipped with USB port for software updates and improvements at any time.

8. Supply water all day long, guarantee water at the fixed time.

9. Automatic defrosting function included.

10. Safely working temperature down to -15 degree.

CIJENA 32.850,00 kn